Autor: Pelayo

Miembro de: Los Estuches, Los Molsaicos, Los Idiotas, Los Turbinas, Los Siphones y The Bigpay Pack.

Fecha: Enero 2013


The Mothers of Invention. "The Little House I Used to Live In". 1969

The Reatards. "Teenage Head". 1999

Burning. "Rock and Roll Mama". 1978

Pixies. "Ed is Dead". 1987

Neil Young. "Old Man". 1971

The Dictators. "Faster & Louder". 1978

Serge Gainsbourg. "L'hôtel particulier". 1971

Earthmen and Strangers. "Naked to the Stars". 2010

The Velvet Underground. "Sister Ray". 1968

Grateful Dead. "One More Saturday Night". 1972